Monday Reception Demos

  • An Inductive Database Prototype Based on Virtual Mining Views. H. Blockeel, T. Calders, E. Fromont, B. Goethals, A. Prado, C. Robardet
  • Febrl — An Open Source Data Cleaning, Deduplication and Record Linkage System with a Graphical User Interface. P. Christen
  • Using tagFlake for Condensing Navigable Tag Hierarchies from Tag Clouds. L. Di Caro, K. S. Candan, M. L. Sapino
  • An Integrated System for Automatic Customer Satisfaction Analysis in the Services Industry. S. Godbole, S. Roy
  • DiMaC: A Disguised Missing Data Cleaning Tool. M. Hua, J. Pei
  • Pattern-Miner: Integrated Management and Minig over Data Mining Models. E. E. Kotsifakos, I. Ntoutsi, Y. Vrahoritis, Y. Theodoridis
  • CRO: A System for Online Review Structurization. H. Liu, H. Yang, W. Li, W. Wei, J. He, X. Du
  • Morpheus: Interactive Exploration of Subspace Clustering. E. Müller, I. Assent, R. Krieger, T. Jansen, T. Seidl
  • A Software System for Buzz-Based Recommendations. H. Nguyen, N. Parikh, N. Sundaresan
  • Pictor: An Interactive System for Importing Data from a Website. S. Zheng, M. R. Scott, R. Song, J.-R. Wen

Call for Demonstrations

The annual ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining is the leading forum for data mining researchers and practitioners to explore cutting-edge ideas and results, and to exchange techniques, tools, and experiences. During the conference there will be a two hour demonstration session collocated with the poster session.

This demo session is meant to allow researchers and practitioners that have implemented software systems and libraries to describe the design, development and functionality of their work in an interactive setting. The committee encourages submission of new technology and early prototypes but will also consider mature systems with experimental features. Note that the marketing of products must instead be arranged as part of the exhibit program.

To participate please email a short proposal to the KDD 2008 Demonstrations Chair, Moninder Singh at by June 1st, 2008. Your proposal must describe how the demonstrated system illustrates contributions to the field. It must also include technical specification, references to other literature, and optionally include a URL to screenshots or an online version. Proposals must be no more than four pages long and be in PDF or Word format.