KDD-2008 Student Travel Awards

2008 Student Travel Award Winners

  • Mary McGlohon
  • Huanhuan Cao
  • Gabriela Moise
  • Xintian Yang
  • Ian Porteous
  • Ka Cheung (Richard) Sia
  • Pedro Olmo Stancioli Vaz de Melo
  • Nam Nguyen
  • Qihong Shao
  • Mohamed Bouguessa
  • Shuiwang Ji
  • Michael Wick
  • Mustafa Bilgic
  • Haibin Cheng
  • Xiang Zhang
  • Georgiana Ifrim
  • Wen-Yen Chen
  • Yang Xiang
  • Liang Sun
  • Rohit Gupta
  • Wenjun Zhou
  • Lei Tang
  • Justin Brickell
  • Bin Zhao

Award Applications

Student Travel Awards will be available for students attending KDD-2008. Awards will provide partial funding for travel and registration expenses. A limited number of additional monetary assistance for registration expenses is available to those awardees willing to help with organizational tasks during the conference. To be eligible for the award, a student must:

  • Be an author (or co-author) of an accepted paper at the main KDD-2008 conference. (Workshop papers are not eligible.)
  • Be a full-time student at the time of paper acceptance
  • Attend KDD-2008 in order to receive the award check
  • Be available to help with organizational tasks during the conference

Award selection will consider the authorship of the paper (sole, first, or co-author) and the format for presentation (long, short, poster) and will be limited by available funds.

Applications should consist of:

  1. This completed form
  2. The title page of the accepted KDD-2008 paper(s)
  3. Proof of full-time student status (e.g. proof of full-time registration status for current semester)

Applications must be received by June 9, 2008. Late applications will not be accepted. Acceptance decisions, including the magnitude of the award, will be made by June 17, 2008.

KDD-2008 Student Travel Awards are generously sponsored by IBM Research and SIGKDD.

Name _______________________________________________
Email _______________________________________________
School _______________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________
Country _______________________________________________
Status I am a full-time student
I am a part-time student
I am not a student
Paper Number _______________________________________________
Paper Title _______________________________________________
Paper Authors _______________________________________________
Volunteer I am willing to assist with organizational tasks during the conference in return for covering registration expenses. To do so, I agree to arrive by the afternoon of Saturday August 23, stay through the completion of the conference and work 12 hours, both at the desk and during technical sessions.

Submit applications by email to mail
If necessary, proof of student status may be faxed with cover letter to +1 (412) 297-5401 (Attention: Kamal Nigam).